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We offer a variety of motivational and educational presentations that can inspire current and future professionals that serve individuals with disabilities, others confronted by disabilities and their families. We can also create a custom presentation to meet your specific needs. We can collect data from your audience afterwards, too.

Introduction to Someone Living with a Disability

In this presentation Mr. Trembly will talk about his educational and vocational history from childhood to present day. As well as, his current living situation including personal relationships, daily struggles with Personal Aides, his hobbies and his current method of communication.

Building a Strong Community Profile

In this presentation Mr. Trembly will talk about how he has built a strong community profile in the he currently lives in with the assistant of AAC. Mr. Trembly is a very active member of his community. Subjects included in this presentation are professional settings, social, political and romantic settings. 

Professional Respect

In this presentation Mr. Trembly will mostly talk about feeling well respected in a professional setting. After years of struggling with being gainfully employed, Mr. Trembly successfully entered the workforce at Ohio University. At Ohio university, Mr. Trembly held a variety of positions where he had to interact with a wide range of colleagues. 

Adaptive Sports

In this presentation Mr. Trembly will talk about the adaptive sports he does.  This includes snow skiing, kayaking, target shooting and more.  This presentation includes video.