Noah at a political relay.


Noah Trembly Enterprises advocates for a variety of subjects on a local, state and national level. Some of the points of interest include:

  • Government – We’re proud of the work that we do with our local government, Mr. Trembly serves on a number of commissions and committees including the Affordable Housing Commission, Athens Commission on disability and a few different transportation committees.
  • Business – We have worked with local businesses to help them get more inclusive and welcoming to everyone.
  • Legal – Noah Trembly Enterprises is familiar with legal issues related to disabilities and have served as an expert witness in the past. I can testify with authority on rather a brain injured patient has the presentably to greatly improve with the continuation of rehabilitation services.
  • Social – Topics related to benefits, education, the social safety net, independent living and employment. If you have a loved one that should be living out in the community, we can assist in the deployment their new exciting independent life!