About Noah

Picture of Noah Trembly.

When the Nelsonville Music Festival wanted to ensure its concert venue was accessible for people with disabilities, they called Noah Trembly.

When the NASA-sponsored International Space University met at Ohio University, they asked Trembly to review the facilities in advance to make sure there were no barriers to access.

For more than 10 years, Trembly has been the expert people turn to when it comes to making our society more amenable and accessible to people with disabilities. It’s an impressive record for a man an educator once said “would never amount to anything.”

Not everyone can see the potential people with disabilities have when they’re granted fair and equal access to society’s resources. That educator grossly underestimated Trembly’s drive and persistence.

Trembly was born with severe cerebral palsy, but it hasn’t held him back. His accomplishments speak for themselves. He is the chief operating officer of Noah Trembly Enterprises in addition to serving on numerous boards and commissions, including the Athens City Commission on Disabilities. He also has experience in working in higher education, helping students and faculty understand the challenges people with disabilities face in everyday life. He speaks regularly throughout the United States and Canada to advocate for the disabled.

Trembly, 41, grew up in Lower Salem, Ohio, about 15 miles north of Marietta. After his parents realized he couldn’t get a fair shake in the public education system, they home schooled him and taught him to be entrepreneurial. He moved to Athens, Ohio, in 2007.

“I’m really appreciative of the things the Athens community has done for me. For this reason, I’ve dedicated my life toward optimizing accessibility and demonstrating purpose among disabled people,” Trembly says.