A man and woman hugging in a intimate setting.

To Feel Attractive

Recently, I was working on a paper “The joys and challenges of having adult relationships with using AAC.” to submit to ISAAC 2020. One of the subjects that I cover in that paper is intimate relationships.  As I was writing that paper, a friend sends me this article “’A human need’: Disability groups say people on NDIS should have access to sex workers” which talks about the basic human need for sex. I’ve suffered from depression for years, one of the biggest things that factors in on my depression is the feeling of lack of intimacy. I’m 42 years old and I’ve only had a couple of serious relationships that ended up short lived, I’ve had some one-night stands and short flings over the years.  But for the majority of my life I’ve been alone.  A part of intimacy is feeling attracted by someone. Everyone needs to feel attractive, sometime.  Physically, emotionally and sexually. In my work, I talk about there still being a lot of stigmas surrounded around people with severe disabilities.  This one is the hardest to understand and I have no idea how we can to change it.