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Our new partnership with prc-saltillo!

I’m very proud to announce our new partnership with prc-saltillo! They’re partnering with us on some of our educational presentations that we do. prc-saltillo are the company that manufactures my Accent 1400, which is my communication device that I use. I have a very long history with prc-saltillo, I’ve using their products for 30 years now. I have been an Ambassador for them for over 10 years, during this time I’ve been involved in multiple projects with them. One of the projects being a pilot program with Ohio University, where I got to co-teach an AAC class with Dr. John McCarthy. I’ve also gotten to bata test products for them. The list goes on and on. I’m personal friend with some employees at prc-saltillo!

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Breach of Confidentiality.

As someone that lives with a severe disability, I have to rely on a variety of medical professionals.  One of those professionals being Personal Assistants, they have to provide me with a wide range of services on a daily basis.  Such as: personal care, home making and community involvement.  Each of these categories of services include some very intimate details of my life. Just like any other health care service provider fields, there are some really good providers and some not so good.  Just like any other kind of health care providers, I have the choice of which provider (s) that I receive services from.  I have 24/7 around the clock care and I do 12-hour shifts, because of this, a provider’s personality plays a big part in if they’re a good fit or not.  The provider (s) have the right to choose rather than they want to provide services to me or not, as well.  They are held to the same rules and regulations as other medical professionals, including HIPPA and Confidentiality. In a perfect world, this sounds fine and dandy. But we don’t live in a perfect world, people break rules all the times.  I have experienced breach of confidentiality on several occasions and when this occurs, it’s usually very hard on me.  It’s often times because a Personal Assistant didn’t approve of the lifestyle that I choose to live, or they just didn’t like some of the requirements of their job.  Either way, it’s not their right to go around and share my personal information to others judge to me based on the opinion of someone that wasn’t a good fit to work with me. Unfortunately, when events like these happen, they go without punishment being served.